Name: Four-Ball Tester
Brand: Rtec
Application: frictional wear
Category: Frictional Wear Test
Standard: ASTMD2596,D2783,D2266,D 4172,D5183,GB/T3142,GB/T12583,SH/T0845,SH/T0202,SH/T0204,SH/T0189,CEC-L-45-A-99


FBT‐12000 4-Ball Tester

Four-ball wear/ EP Test Accessories- meets ASTMD2596D2783D2266D 4172D5183GB3142GB12583 standards

Sample heater, up to +150℃

High density/high stiffness floor stand supporting platform with anchor design and control system

Max. loading force up to 12000N

Z travel distance up to 150mm, resolution: 0.5 μm

Servo-controlled loading, fully programmable

Travel Speed: 0.002-10mm/s

In-situ wear-depth monitoring, Accuracy: 5 microns

Down Force Sensor with accessories 

F z: up to 12000 N; Resolution: 0.5 N

Able to perform 4-ball wear and EP wear tests

Upper Rotary Drive with integrated Torque Sensor,Torque Sensor Range 20 Nm

Speed 0.1 to 3,000 rpm



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