Name: Long Stroke High Frequency Reciprocating Friction And Wear Tester
Brand: Rtec
Application: frictional wear
Category: Frictional Wear Test
Standard: ASTM G133, G181 ,G119,G174, D5706,SH/T 0784, D5707,SH/T 0721, DIN 51834


LST-3000 Long STROKE Tribometer

High density/high stiffness floor stand supporting platform with anchor design

Capable of performing various standard and customized tests according to international standards (ASTM/DIN/ISO).

Accommodates interchangeable modules for easy change of test configuration.

Max. loading force up to 3000N

Z travel distance up to 150mm, encoder resolution: 0.1 um

Servo-controlled loading, fully programmable

Travel Speed: 0.002-5mm/s

In-situ wear-depth monitoring

Sample Testing Stage

Long X-Y motorized sample stage with 130mm x 210mm travel

Medium and low speed linear reciprocating motion

Options for Integrating 3D optical surface Profilometer and/or Raman

"X" Linear Reciprocating Drive

Speed 0.001-6mm/s; max travel: 130mm

"Y" Linear Reciprocating Drive

Allows to combine Fz and Fx sensors with different ranges for more precise friction measurement and Fz loading rigidity by Fz and Fx decouple design with Arm.

F z Range: 30 to 3000 N; Resolution: 90 mN

Friction Force Sensor ( Piezo Type ) for High Frequency Test:

Range: 0.45 to 450 N; Resolution: 4.5 mN

Temperature range: RT to 500, temperature resolution: 0.1

Accommodate lubrication container (a liquid container is required)





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