Name: High-Frequency, Linear-Oscillation (SRV) Tester
Brand: Rtec
Application: frictional wear
Category: Frictional Wear Test
Standard: ASTM D5706、SH/T 0784、ASTM D5707、SH/T 0721, ASTM E2789、ISO 19291、ASTM D6425、NB/SH/T 0847, ASTM D7421、ASTM D7594、DIN 51834-2、DIN 51834-3、DIN 51834-4



Capable of performing various standard and customized tests according to international standards (ASTM/DIN/ISO).

Servo-controlled loading, fully programmable

Fretting Module -Voice Coil Actuator. With additional Temperature chambers can work from RT to 400C,  more application specific adds on availableMeet the ASTM D5706ASTM D5707ASTM E2789ISO 19291ASTM D6425ASTM D7421ASTM D7594DIN 51834-2DIN 51834-3DIN 51834-4 standard

Max. down force: 3000N

Max. Coil Frequency: 500Hz

Displacement range: 5 um - 4 mm, displacement resolution: 0.1um

Integrated Temperature hot plate up to 400Cresolution: 0.1C

Force Sensor

Down Force Sensor: 

F z Range: 30 to 3000 N; Resolution: 90 mN

Piezo Friction Force Sensor:

Range: 0.45 to 450 N; Resolution: 4.5 mN







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