Name: 3D X-Vision Oil Level Sight Glass
Brand: SOLGE
Application: Oil Reservoir Accessory Series
Category: Oil Reservoir Accessory Series


3D X-Vision Oil Level Sight Glass

It is very important to control the proper oil level among the basic lubricating points of the lubrication facilities (red oil, oil quantity, timely, proper method). So, we check and manage the oil level on a daily basis through the oil level meter. However, in the conventional planar type oil level system, it is difficult to detect even if the oil is lower than the proper oil level because the sludge or varnish is deposited on the surface after a certain period of use.

The 3D X-Vision not only allows you to monitor the oil level on three sides, but also monitors the color and wear of the oil and samples it.

Features and Functions

  • Accurate oil level detection from various angles
  • Multifunction Port : Sampling port, Collecting wear-out (Option)
  • Double transparent window minimizes the possibility of leakage when broken
  • Visibility is good because it does not stick well even when used for a long time..
  • Improved safety by applying chemical resistant and impact resistant materials..
  • Patented products (10-1539025)

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