Name: SOLGE OilCon Mon
Model: OilCon Mon
Brand: SOLGE
Application: Testing Online
Category: on-line monitor


SOLGE OilCon Mon

Solge Oil-Mon Sensor  monitors the condition of deterioration (life) of used oil, equipment's
abrasion or contamination condition due to external  contaminants and moisture in real time which manages four items  in a single sensor.



Lubricant deterioration is caused by contamination, temperature, oxygen, heat, etc. during use, and if left unattended, it causes big problems such as varnish formation, hydraulic valve defect, abnormal wear of equipment, and rapid deterioration of used oil. Should be good. Therefore, it is very important to find and take action at all times. Real-time monitoring of deterioration can prevent catastrophic failures and extend the life of the plant.

Particle and water contamination of lubricants is the most deadly source of contamination. Abnormal abrasion of the equipment and malfunction of the hydraulic system are caused by particle contamination, and moisture contamination causes abnormal abrasion of the equipment by not only corrosion of the equipment but also destruction of the lubricating film. In particular, water contamination adversely affects the lubricating oil itself and additives, so it must be thoroughly managed.


  • Electrical specification
  • Measure multiple items with one sensor (4 types)
  • Can initialize and set maximum scale in Controller
  • Easy to check the measurement status on the controller
  • Alarm sounds when an alarm occurs
  • Real-time data transmission by connecting to PC

 Measurement Specifications

▪ Contamination
    Range: 0 ~ 1,000ppm (0 ~ 100%)
    Accuracy: 20ppm
▪ Oxidation
    Range: 0 ~ 100%
▪ Water in Oil (relative humidity)
    Range: 0 ~ 100% RH
    Accuracy: ± 3% RH
▪ Temperature
    Range: -20 ~ 85 ℃
    Accuracy: max. ± 2 ℃
■  Measurements Data Storage
     Internal Flash Memory : 64K Bytes
     SDCard : 8G Bytes

■ Electrical and mechanical part specifications
▪ Electrical specification
    Input Voltage: 12 ~ 36 DCV
    Output: 7 DCV, max. 700 mA
    Data Interface: RS485
    Working temperature: -20 ~ 70 ℃
▪ Mechanical Specification
    Probe working pressure: max. 10 bar
    Waterproof Specifications: IP68
    Controller: 120X80X27 mm
    Weight: 275g


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