Name: FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS
Application: Fuel Oils
Category: Microbial test
Standard: ASTM D8070


FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS Test Kit

FUELSTAT® technology provides in-the-field, rapid screening of fuel samples (water in fuel or just fuel), giving a quick and accurate assessment of microbial contamination in real time and shows whether you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation and diesel fuels.
Fuel testing kits currently available, which involve total microbial counts, simply tell us that there are micro organisms present in the fuel and that they are alive. Conidia Bioscience’s FUELSTAT® resinae diagnostic test goes beyond this. Because it detects only active H. res., bacteria and fungi. It tells us not only that the fungus is present and alive but also that it is growing and, therefore, the potential for damage is real.
Suitable for testing all middle distillate fuel types:​
User friendly: little training required.
Suitable for deployed Ops: Canadian Forces recently added Fuelstat® to its deployable fuel test kit


  • Meets ASTM D8070 standards
  • Included in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Guidebook, listed as a JIG Online approved product, listed in AMMs (Aircraft Maintenance Manuals) and expected to be included in EI1545
  • Relevant standards: ASTM D975, EN590, CGSB 3.517, CGSB 3.520 B1-B5, ASTM D7467 Diesel B6-B20, CGSB 3.522, ASTM D396, EN 16734 B10, EN 16709 B20, B30, ISO 8217
  • It's fast and easy. You can get the results in 10 minutes and the test report in 15 minutes.
  •  The number of different contaminants can be detected: H.res, bacteria and fungi, and actively growing yeast in the sample.
  • No professional equipment is required, mobile apps can get results and store data.
  • Reporting the weight of the material in the sample is more accurate than the old colony forming unit (CFU) count.
  •  Has complete instructions for use, does not require sterile laboratory conditions and can be used on site
  • Use safety plastic, no special reagents, easy to recycle after testing, no special treatment required.
  • Microbiological testing in just 3 steps

    1.Pour 4 drops of oil sample into FUELSTAT® test kit
    2. Get instant results with FUELSTAT® application software scanning suite
    3. Get real-time test results updates no matter where you are in the world

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