Name: Ferro-Mon Ferrous Debris Sensor
Brand: SOLGE
Application: Testing Online
Category: Ferrous Debris Sensor


Ferro-Mon Ferrous Debris Sensor

LubricationPlus Fe sensor, the amount of iron wear particles or components contained in lubricating oil or hydraulic oil Information on the state of change of particles diagnose ferrous debris amount


signals of new concept to inform in real time.

Gear Box, Engine, Bearing Lubricant, transmission, etc., provide information in real time from the initial stage of the potential failure to extend the life of equipment and lubricants.

80% of gearbox failure causes are caused by lubrication problems, 25% fails caused by contamination. In the event of a gearbox failure at the industrial site, the cause of the lubrication failure is rarely diagnosed and the lubrication problem is overlooked.Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to monitor the condition of the lubricant and control the contamination degree in order to prevent the gear box failure or prolong the life

The Fe sensor is designed to monitor the accumulation of metal debris in the oil system. Sensors are typically installed in multiple locations as on-line sensor.The system's sensors have an independent analog output channels. Typical measurements of a typical transmission or gearbox. Larger pieces of metal debris are typically mechanical failure can be monitored such as gear tooth break in shift systems with the ability to monitor debris accumulation and debris particle size. Engineers have unprecedented access to real-time information on mechanical health in lubrication systems.


  • Gear box (recommended position: drain, bottom)
  • Forced lubrication gear box (recommended position installation inlet side of line filter)
  • Vehicle Transmission
  • Any Rotating equipment and iron rotating equipment
  • Especially Wind Turbine Gear box below


  • Capture of ferrous particles
  • live monitoring
  • easy installation
  • low investment and management costs



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