Name: atten2 OilWear ® S100 online optical sensors
Model: S100
Brand: atten2
Application: Lubericating Oils
Category: Others
Standard: ISO 4406,NAS 1638,SAE AS4059


OilWear C100 online optical sensors

particles oline optical sensors


atten2’s OilWear® is an online sensor that counts the particles over 4 µm present in fluids, classifies them according to size in line with the ISO, NAS or SAE standards, and determines their origin.

The determining of their origin consists of classifying the particles of over 20 µm according to their size and shape, to determine the root cause: fatigue, sliding or cutting. This feature, which makes the OilWear® S100 unique, is achieved by means of a embedded expert system to which the knowledge of the analysts in the IK4-Tekniker lab has been dedicated.

Even with its high performance, the OilWear® S100 is a competitive sensor in terms of cost, designed to be permanently installed in a machine or installed in various machines one after the other, providing information in real time on fluid contamination.

The OilWear® S100 provides key information to conduct a predictive maintenance strategy. The measurement of an abnormal quantity of particles allows the early detection of faults in the machine and the implementing of corrective action.

The OilWear® S100 has a modular design that allows its measuring module, which is ultimately responsible for the counting and classifying of the particles, to be easily integrated into an oil Condition Monitoring System, just by ensuring some minimum conditions for the flow of oil it is monitoring.

  • Plug & Play, the sensor offers a standard output with single plug.
  • Output: ISO 4406, NAS 1638, SAE AS4059, etc.
  • Classification of particles of over 20 µm depending on their root cause: fatigue, sliding, cutting.
  • Early information on the state of the machine is provided.
  • It prolongs the life of the fluids and cuts machine downtime.
  • It provides rapid, reliable information on the contamination of the fluids.
  • Full integration with SCADA/PC/PLC by means of analogue and digital communications.
  • Self-diagnosis, self-calibration and self-compensation.
  • Possibility of stipulating warning levels.
  • Possibility of stipulating the size ranges of the particles to be counted.
  • Possibility of integrating with OilHealth®, whereby a single sensor provides information on oil degradation and contamination.
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