Name: MRG GREASE LABS Grease Sampling
Model: Grease LABS
Application: Lubricating Greases
Category: sampling
Standard: ASTM D7718


GREASE LABS  In-service Sampling Kits


Oil analysis is a well established practice in predictive maintenance.  Lubricant analysis is often paired with other technologies such as infrared thermography, vibration analysis and ultrasound techniques.  These technologies are very useful in detecting problems in machinery before costly failures and down time occur. However, only twenty percent of the world’s bearings are oil lubricated; the other eighty percent are grease lubricated. Lubricant analysis is usually not performed on these bearings because it is difficult to get a representative sample from the bearing.  This means that the vast majority of bearings are incompletely monitored. The Grease Thief and Grease Thief Analyzer provide reliable and repeatable analysis solutions for all of your grease lubricated equipment, allowing for complete monitoring of this vital equipment. The innovative design  of the Grease Thief allows for the collection of representative samples of grease from a variety of industrial equipment types. By modifying the sampling method based on equipment, the Grease Thief opens accurate, valuable lubricant analysis to a wide range of grease-lubricated applications. - See more at:

Make the sampling process easier for your customers and the handling process easier for your technicians.  By offering the Grease Thief Sampling kits, your customers can enjoy efficient and repeatable sampling with kits customized  for their sampling application, including wind turbines, robot drives, pillow block bearing, electric motor, and gearbox kits.  Things become easier in the lab once the samples arrive, as the uniform 1 gram sampler becomes an integral solution to streamlined analysis, with no-touch sample preparation for consistency, wear, contamination and oxidation testing.


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