VD10 visual algorithm atmospheric distillation tester is grandly launched
Date: 2021-12-31

 AD Systems, which is at the forefront of visual algorithm testing, has launched a new product-VD10 visual algorithm atmospheric distillation tester. VD10 distillation apparatus complies with ASTM D86, D850, D1078, GB/T 6536, ISO 3405, IP 123 method standards.

With the aid of a high-precision and high-response camera system and visual algorithms, VD10 simulates experienced distillation range test experts to monitor and analyze all stages of the sample distillation process, thereby predicting the best heating preset, and intelligently automatically adjust the heat to ensure an efficient distillation rate, which uses an optimized initial heating preset to reach the initial boiling point (IBP), therefore uses an appropriate heating preset to reach the final boiling point (FBP) to achieve high automation.

VD10 can be used directly from the first test without programming the distillation program. Even the difficult-to-distill biofuels and unknown samples can be easily handled, without the need to establish a separate method for each product. At the same time, the high-precision and high-response camera system has a faster response and higher accuracy capabilities than the current infrared sensor, which can be competent for the detection of various oil varieties in order to achieve higher precision and shorten the test preparation time.

VD10 adopts touch screen control in operation, which is easy to operate. Moreover, the visual algorithm can be used to easily check the placement position of the sample beaker in order to find the best heating position.

The VD10 machine has a fairly high level of security protection. It has a built-in fire extinguishing system with automatic fire detection and external connection to alarm. The safety monitor permanently monitors abnormal conditions, protects the operator, and immediately takes corresponding actions when there is a risk in operation.

This new product, VD10, is the concentrated work of AD Systems. The goal is to provide users with a more worry-free, more efficient, and more assured test process. It is among the first ambitions of AD Systems to vastly improve the efficiency of the distillation process test. We look forward to potential users to fully utilize the full capabilities of the VD10 visual algorithm atmospheric distillation tester.