CANNON High Temperature High Shear Viscosity Tester
Date: 2020-9-24

Today I recommend a new member of the CANNON family, the Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS Tapered Plug Viscometer (Revanfield method), which adheres to ASTM D4741, SH/T 0618, CEC L36-A-90 and IP370 test methods. Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS Tapered Plug Viscometer is considered as the instrument of arbitration among the range of product standard.

The Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS Tapered Plug Viscometer test time is very short, each sample test time is less than 5 minutes, in which it can test more than 12 times per hour. The Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS Tapered Plug Viscometer has a very wide temperature range: 40~180℃; and has a wider shear rate of 100000S-1~2000000s-1. The volume of Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS is very small without an automatic sampler, in which the floor space it occupies is roughly the size of two books.




The Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS Tapered Plug Viscometer (Revanfield method) we usually call the instrument by its nickname: Black Crow. Mainly because it looks like a crow drinking water with its head down.


After a brief introduction on the new model in regards to high temperature and high shear, let's briefly talk about the HTHS II multiple capillary high temperature and high shear viscometer. HTHS II fully complies with the requirements of ASTM D5481, SH/T0703 and SAE J300 standard methods.



Temperature range: 30℃~150℃. Viscosity measurement range: 2mPa.s(cP)~7mPa.s(cP). The top feature of the HTHS II Multiple Capillary High Temperature High Shear Viscometer is that it has 5 test positions which can be tested at the same time. The testing instrument can test up to 20 samples per hour. The capillary high-temperature high-shear viscometer does not require cleaning agent to clean, only need to rinse the capillary with the sample to be tested.


The two high-temperature and high-shear viscosity testers are recommended to everyone, hoping to help you to find the best solution in high-temperature and high-shear testing projects.


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