GreenLab ADEM Automated Demulsibility Tester
Date: 2020-9-9

The determination of water separability of lubricating oil has always used artificial determination of oil, water and emulsion layers volume to determine the results, which can cause artificial vision error. Due to its high requirements for the quality of operator, it can cause vision error. However GreenLab from Hungary developed the ADEM automatic demulsibility tester, which meets the requirements of ASTM D1401, GB/T 7305 and ISO 6614 standard test methods. ADEM automatic demulsibility tester can automatically stabilize bath temperature, freely control bath agitator, automatically evaluate test results, and automatically process images through the PC.


The ADEM automatic demulsibility tester integrates the most advanced image processing and software computing technology. The oil - water - emulsion layer is automatically monitored by a 5 million pixel CCD camera including a LED light source that is configured for the sample lighting. The ADEM integrated design contains 6 test bits which reduces maintenance cost.


In addition to the temperature requirements of the method, the ADEM automatic demulsibility tester can also adjust the temperature between room temperature and 95℃, with the stirring speed between 500-1800rpm in which the longest test time can reach approximately 48 hours.


ADEM automatic demulsibility tester is not only unique in design, but also easy to operate. Simply put the sample into the sample tube, insert the sample tube into the instrument, and select the test method to begin the test. After the test is completed, a test report will be printed directly from the printer and the data is stored directly into the PC drive.

ADEM automatic demulsibility tester can help simplify the test of demulsification performance and reduce the deviation of human judgment. The results can be retained in which the chart can help review the test results, therefore becoming a fully automatic demulsification performance tester.

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