New smoke point test experience - automatic smoke point tester SP20
Date: 2020-8-3

The SP10, the world's first automatic smoke point meter developed by AD company in France, has a new revolutionary design that changes the traditional mode in which smoke points can only be tested manually. In July 2020, the second generation of smoke point tester SP20 from AD company in France was launched with automation capabilities.


AD's original automatic smoke point tester SP20/SP10 is recommended by ASTM D1322. It uses a camera to observe the flame and adjust the flame size. When the flame reaches the shape required by the test method, SP20/SP10 automatically stores and measures the flame height. Compared with manual smoke point determination method, automatic smoke point operation is relatively simple an a much lower requirement for technical operation, and at the same time reduces exposure to toxic and harmful substances such as toluene isooctane. Generally, two standard fuel mixtures are used to measure calibration instruments when the operator changes or atmospheric pressure changes are greater than 0.7kPa. The automatic smoke point tester has a standard fuel calibration database and does not require recalibration. The previous generation SP10 once required input for atmospheric pressure value, however the newer SP20 has a built-in atmospheric pressure meter. This means that the instrument can automatically choose to use the stored standard fuel mixture of smoke point calibration, which the test can be started directly.


ASTM D1322 Method Summary


The automatic smoke point measuring instrument eliminates the deviation of subjective judgment during manual measurement and has a higher accuracy. The manual measurement’s accuracy is 0.5mm while the automatic instrument test result accuracy is to 0.1mm. The repeatability requirements were increased from R= 0.06840(X+16) to R= 0.02213x, and the reproducibility requirements were also increased from R= 0.09363(X+16) to R= 0.01651(X+30). In addition, the automatic smoke point tester eliminates all safety hazards associated with visual flame detection without human supervision.

The Smoke point of jet fuel and engines generated in the product has a very close relationship between carbon, in which the lower the smoke point generated by the carbon deposition. Due to the importance of the Automatic Smoke Point test for Jet fuel which require rapid and accurate results, the SP20 was increased based on the SP10 atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity measurement, which makes testing more convenient and results more accurate. The AD SP20 automatic smoke point tester is the better choice of smoke point measurement for you!



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