FUELSTAT, detecting microbial hazards
Date: 2020-7-9

The FUELSTAT PULS test kit recommended by ASTM D8070 standard can quickly screen fuel samples which can quickly and accurately analyze microorganisms in the fuel tank. 

The FUELSTAT PULS test kit has three major advantages over the existing microbiological tests.

1!The FUELSTAT PULS test kit is portable and does not require special storage. When the FUELSTAT PULS test kit is not in use, it can be stored normally. There is no need for complex storage methods such as dark storage and refrigeration, which increases the utilization rate of the kit and simplifies the use requirements.


2! The FUELSTAT PULS test kit test method is simple, low requirements for personnel and test environment, very suitable for field

use, only 10 minutes to get the results, greatly reducing the oil sample cultivation and inspection time.


3! Modernize the FUELSTAT PULS test kit for reading test results. Just take a photo with your mobile phone, and the world's top

experts in fuel oil microbial testing will issue a test report for you, telling you simply and clearly the microbial status of oil products.


Let's talk about the FUELSTAT PULS test kit in as much complex as possible.


1! Take the fuel oil sample from the bottom of the tank and fill the sample bottle with blue extraction liquid as required


2! Shake the sample for 5 seconds, turn it upside down, and drain the non-blue extraction liquid remaining in the dropper during



3! Drop the blue extract into the test pan and wait for 10 minutes


4! Open the APP to shoot the test disk, get the test result report, and the test is completed


Use the FUELSTAT PULS test kit to periodically evaluate the fuel, and get rid of a series of problems such as tank corrosion caused by microbial pollution, downstream fuel pollution, fuel biodegradation and nozzle clogging. At present, the FUELSTAT PULS test kit is recognized as a recognized product by JIG (International Aviation Alliance) due to its fast, convenient and accurate testing advantages, and it is included in AMMs (aircraft maintenance manuals) and has become a supply product for most aircraft original equipment manufacturers.




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