CAV4.2 Viscometer Follows Industry 4.0
Date: 2020-6-15

CANNON Instrument Company, the industry leader in viscosity measurements, is about to launch a new product —- the CAV4.1 Automatic Viscometer!

The new CAV4.1 is a single-bath dual-tube automatic kinematic viscosity tester based on the CAV4.X family architecture. It has been unveiled at the Pittcon 2020 exhibition in the United States and will be officially launched on the market.

As a product of the same series, CAV4.2 has already excellent performance in the market. Today, we talk about CAV 4.2 as a warm up the upcoming CAV 4.1.

CAV 4.2 fully meets the requirements of ASTM D445 / 446, GB / t265, ISO 3104 and IP 71. It has a temperature range of (15 ~ 150)℃, and each viscosity tube has a viscosity range of 100 times. It can be selected between (0.5 ~ 10000)mm2 / S (CST), which easily can replace 5 manual glass viscometers. In accordance to ASTM D445 standard, the viscosity pipe of CAV 4.2 adopts the Ubbelohde viscosity pipe of ASTM D445 standard, the kinetic energy is corrected in strict accordance with the test method requirements. Cannon Instrument Company is internationally recognized as CIC (Cannon Instrument Company). In accordance to viscosity capability verification that is provided to laboratories, it keeps the only national viscosity benchmark of the United States, so Cannon's viscometer is more authoritative which ensures the highest accuracy of viscosity measurement results.

CAV 4.2 not only ensures accurate results and easy operation, but also makes the test more efficient and environmentally friendly. CAV4.2 has two 14 bit samplers, which can complete 24 sample tests in an hour at the most. In addition, CAV4.2 reduces the use of cleaning solvent by 50% and has the function of automatic cleaning and drying sample bottles, so as to realize the direct secondary utilization of sample bottles, which reduces the solvent consumption and sample bottle loss. While cleaning the sample bottle, the outer wall of the sample tube has also been effectively cleaned to avoid cross-contamination which affects subsequent experimental results.

After talking about the hard power of CAV4.2, let's introduce its originality.

CAV 4.2 has a color light indicator, which is convenient for the operator to observe the operating state of the viscometer from a distance which increases the labor utilization rate. In addition, CAV 4.2 improves the sample tray into an open design, which is convenient for the operator to add emergency testing samples and update the samples that have been tested at any time, without waiting for all the samples to be tested to be completed. By doing so, it can truly achieve 24 hours of 365 days of uninterrupted testing. CAV4.2 also integrates a computer touch screen, which can complete all test settings without an external computer, and also supports external devices (such as keyboard, mouse) to help enter information. CAV4.2 has a more compact shape and integrated design will reduce the area by 35%, greatly saving laboratory space.

 The high performance of the CAV4.2 viscometer makes us look forward to what surprises the CAV4.1 will bring to us.



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