To 10 opens a new experience of thermal oxidation stability test (JFTOT)
Date: 2020-5-13

In the latest ASTM D3241-2020 standard, the rating of heater tube by the JFTOT method is divided into: Visual Tube Rater(VTR), Interferometric Tube Rating(ITR), Ellipsometric Tube Rating(ETR), Multi-Wavelength  Ellipsometric Tube Rating (MWETR). Among them, the interferometer method ITR adopts the DR10 spectral evaluator of French AD systems, which has been added to ASTM D3241 standard since 2014. After a long time of inspection, it has been listed as arbitration method in ASTM D1655. The advantage of using the interference method of AD DR10 tube rater is to eliminate the deviation of visual rating and reduce the professional skill requirements for operators. At the same time, the thickness and volume parameters of oxide deposits can be obtained, which is more meaningful for the description of the fuel. In the current evaluation method, when the deposits increases, the repeatability and reproducibility of ITR are better.

In order to facilitate the use of customers, AD company has launched the TO 10 tester to help complete the heating tube test process. According to the JFTOT test method, the heating condition of the lubricating oil heat exchanger surface of the fuel system engine of the aviation turbine engine is simulated. At the same time, the TO 10 tester improves the uneven pumping of the oil sample in the existing testing instrument,which provides a testing environment with uniform flow rate, which improves the service life of the pumping plug and reduces the maintenance cost. TO 10 strictly controls the temperature characteristics of the heating tube and controls the temperature deviation at ± 1 ℃, which makes the test environment more stable and more closer to the actual use. The TO 10 tester is connected with DR 10 which the results can be automatically transmitted to the TO 10, therefore making it more convenient for storage and data processing. TO 10 is compatible with all heater tube that meets the requirements of D3241.



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