A new choice of detecting fuel filter blocking tendency (FBT)
Date: 2020-4-24

The current requirements for fuel cleaning performance has increased worldwide. Additives in fuel oil will oxidize in the process of use, precipitate floccules and produce particles of a certain size, or introduce pollutants in the process of storage and transportation, and incompatibility of temperature and blending components including other reasons which will cause clogging of filter screen, affect fuel supply, affect engine power and emission. The fuel filter blocking tendency (FBT) index is an effective way to test the fuel cleaning performance and filter performance. In 1997, ASTM D2068 standard was issued, which provided three different test steps of methods A, B and C to test the cleanliness of middle distillate fuel, bio-diesel and bio-diesel blend fuel. According to ASTM D2068 and SH / T 0895, a certain amount of sample is passed through a specific filter membrane at a constant rate (20mL / min), and the pressure difference before and after the filter and the volume of sample passing through the filter are monitored until the pressure applied to the filter reaches 105kPa or the amount of fuel passing through the filter reaches 300ml, which is used to calculate the filter blocking tendency (FBT). The lower the FBT, the better the fuel. At present, methods A and B are mainly used for detection in China.


Panan China introduces Tamson's automatic filter blocking tendency tester, which can detect diesel, bio-diesel, crude diesel, gas turbine fuel and kerosene. Tamson filter blocking trend tester (TFBT) conforms to ASTM D2068, SH / T 0895 and IP387. It has a unique touch screen operation user interface, which can not only display the status of the device, but also guide the user to complete the experiment according to the operation steps in the test method. Through the parameter setting on the screen, the pump speed can be adjusted and the calibration of sample liquid level, pressure and temperature sensors can be completed. TFBT built-in method A and method B test procedures are convenient for users to choose.


When the fuel pump draws the fuel sample from the fuel tank beaker at a constant flow rate of 20 mL / min through the piston pump, the pulse damper of TFBT provides a stable and continuous flow rate. In addition, TFBT can continuously monitor the liquid level, pressure and temperature of the sample when the fuel is pumped into the fuel receiver beaker through the specified filter. When the test operation is completed, the FBT value will be calculated automatically.

The TFBT tester installs the relief valve on the arm of the fixed filter assembly, and the flow regulation of the piston pump has a locking part. The whole TFBT (including fuel input and output components) is directly grounded to avoid potential safety hazards caused by electrostatic accumulation.

Real-Time Pressure Display Interface

Graphical Procedure Guidance Interface

The test results of the Tamson filter blocking trend tester (tfbt) can be saved and printed out permanently. The printed results include: test time, user name, program (A or B), test results, time, flow (calculated), sample temperature, pressure, volume, FBT value, deviation between procedure "A" and "B".

Tamson filter blocking trend tester (TFBT) can bring you more convenience in FBT detection.









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